Hosting & Maintenance

Choosing the right hosting is extremely important to secure 24/7 access to your website. Our solution is optimized for search engines and ensures your website is constantly available to the audience.

All of our websites include security certificate (SSL) as a standard. We also offer maintenance packages tailored to your business needs.

Node.JS development and services by TSH

Our approach

Security and maintenance for peace of mind

Cloud Server With Global CDNN

An ultra-fast scalable solution. Content delivered by a server in an end-user location. Used by Netflix and Amazon.

free / 1 year*
SSL Certificate for Seamless SEO

Encryption for secure communications - required by Google for SEO, protects your website users.

free / lifetime
Maintenance And Backup

Keep your website up-to-date and protect the content with regular backup.

£15 / month
Admin And Copywriting

Focus on the fundamentals & cut down on admin time.

£30 / hour

*Then £150/year

We’ve got you covered - combine our services and stop worrying about your website!